Jared Sheets, Guitar/Vocals - Jared plays a Gibson Les Paul Studio and a Gibson ES-137 Custom through a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe all tube amp.  He uses Dean Markley Nickel Steel strings and customizes his mix with a Johnson Digital amp simulator.  Jared, an internist/pediatrician by day, lives in Parkersburg, WV with Laura and their 2y/o daughter Cara.

Laura Sheets, Lead Vocals - Mudfork is Laura's first venture on to the professional stage.  With a voice as sweet as your mama's pie, Laura can take you down to the delta no sooner than you can close your eyes.  Contact Laura @ for booking and engagement information. 

Jennifer Sheets, Keyboards/Bass - Jennifer does double duty with Mudfork.  All bass lines come from a Korg O1/W reproducing a digitally sequenced Fender Precision Bass.  Her right hand heats it up on a Nord Electro 2.  The Nord is the industries standard for recreating authentic tone wheel organ sounds.  Jennifer, a local attorney, lives in Meigs County, OH with her husband Jim.

Adam Sheets, harmonice/guitar - Adam blows Lee Oskar harps through a customized "Green Bullet" Mic.  He also pulls double duty with an American Deluxe Fender Strat played through a custom, home-built 60W all tube amp.  Adam splits time between Mudfork and a Columbus, OH blues band "FBCC".  Adam, an Ohio State Univ. Law Student, lives in Columbus, OH with his wife Jaclyn. 
Band Members
John Lohse, Guitar/Harmonica -  John plays Guild Guitars strung exclusively with GHS "Boomer" strings through a Marshall AVT50 amp.  John also takes his turn on the harmonica using Lee Oskar Blues Harps played through Adam's custom amp.  John and his wife, Mary Beth, have recently relocated to Meigs County, OH.